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1st of to successful in yahoo we need the following:

1.Phone - android or iPhone
2.Laptop(u can start with only phone but advanced people will add laptop for better efficiency)
3.Dating site profiles
4.VPN /Socks/rdp
6.MONEY..Yes MONEY(for banks log and other tools)
7.Luck(not really)
9. Dating Pictures and Video
I will take my time to explain why you need  each of the above :

There is no need to explain 1 & 2.Phone or laptop with internet service  and i am very confident this will be well understood

3.Dating sites

these are where white people are online looking for partners or love...there are many dating sites..some UNPAID(FREE) means u can signup without paying or the site doesn't charge a fee before you can join..mind you some unpaid sites have "UPGRADE" features meaning its free alright but if you need more features such as being promoted or shown to many people you have to pay

Examples of unpaid sites etc etc

PAID sites are sites that require you PAY money through a credit or debit card before you can join..

Don't use any Kenya, Ghana or Naija debit card to pay for dating site for yahoo  will be stupid if you  try that

Now paid sites are by far better than unpaid sites..why?

i.Unpaid sites are free, everyone can join and means MORE SCAMMERS..most scammers on the dating sites means clients will know of scam easily on that site and be careful

 ii.PAID sites only few can pay to join and hence LESS SCAMMERS and more potential clients am not saying unpaid sites "no dey go"..people still catch big, richer and better clients on unpaid sites too so lets be guided


THESE ARE ALL TYPES OF VPN (Virtual Private Network)- they help you to "change" your location making it appear as if you are browsing from any country you when you go to any dating site like Pof or any site the site is able to tell your location that is from which country you are browsing..once they see you are browsing from africa forget if you create any profile they will block you that why you need vpn, so VPNs make it appear as if you are browsing from a foreign country usually USA

some sites won't even allow you access the site if you are not in USA or any of the site's supported countries

This is my personal recommendations for vpns for yahoo

i.RDPs (for laptops only)..these are not free..should cost about $15 - $20 they are like a virtual desktop with ONE strong IP (Usually USA) address and will never LEAK your real ip (Kenya, South Africa or naija)..

ii.911 or Dollar sign (Laptops only) - good for laptops they offer many range of ips and different multiple countries...depending on the number of ips the minimum cost should be $22 or so

iii.NORD vpn - not a free vpn as well..good for both pc and phone

iv.HMA - Phone and laptop ..NOT FREE

v.Winscribe- Free version available but paid version is best..Phones

vi.Express VPN- Phone app is dope not free..laptop i don't know

just like dating sites are paid and unpaid its same with vpns, Am teaching all this for those for beginners who wants to learn it

UNPAID (FREE VPNS) are not as strong as paid..they will usually fuck you  up by  leaking your real ip to the site and site will know you are in Africa using a vpn..Cheap things are expensive, Unfortunately most people like using free vpns yet they dont understand why site keeps blocking them.that's the difference between the BIG BOYS and the and paid can never give you the same results


this is simply the METHODS used in BILLING a client, there are a lot of formats, hospital format, travel format etc.

the mistake most people do is to use old formats people  have used before ..and most of you don't even edit your formats just dey copy and paste..its possible the same shit you are copying and pasting the client has encountered it before

let me say this :


i just cook a story in my head and i use it depending on how the chat is need to study and know your client and then decide which format is good

I believe everyone reading  has a girlfriend the question is how  you toast her and she followed you and how you make her smile. It simply similar to the white so use your sense or better still you can get all your dating format Here


If you are BROKE , chances are you wont be successful in the game, that's  it!!! because if you are broke and have no money to buy all the stuff i mentioned above you will be forced to use "FREE" tools

and trust me free stuff in the game are not efficient..Free sites, free vpns, free pics , etc wont take you anywhere...that's why the big boys will always be the big boys and the small boys will always be the small boys..the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer..the rich will invest their money in buying tools but the poor are afraid to get tools that will let them be able to get better clients and better vpn protection and of course success and cash-out so choose wisely


I added this to the list because, some people are very lucky enough, the first time they join this yahoo yahoo thing they will get their client within a day or two some may take a week or two, some too a month or months some you have to understand.


Some of may be thinking why i added "sense"  but with scamming you need your senses to make thing works for you well else you will waste your time, money and energy

9.Dating Pictures and Video

 this is simply the METHODS used in BILLING a client, there are a lot of formats, hospital format, travel format etc. you can also get them HERE

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