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How To Get a Confirmed USA Address / Drop

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Site to get drop address ..


Shipito which simply means ship it out is an application or a site that manages a warehouse or drop
So if you sign up on Shipito you would be given a USA address which is obviously a warehouse where you can shop your goods to

On Shipito payment is done through bitcoin and wire transfer
The Shipito address can be used on all shopping sites
So I have created new job for the smart ones don't beg me for help, or message to help you get a job  you can sell the paid address for $10 upwards to people looking at address for carding
you can also track your package when they are sent by shipito

Shipito is powered by amazon

Make sure you use USA Numbers to contact them.

Let me know what you think of this, feedback on your experience in the comment box


  1. Is it safe to use for carding? Cant the recipient be traced?

    1. You will not be traced if you use the correct steps

    2. so what is the correct steps


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