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There are 2 types of credit card

1. Spammed credit cards
2. Skimmed credit cards

Ok let's talk about skimmed credit cards first

I won't talk about skimmed credit cards much, but will give you an overview so..

(1) atm skimming easy method

(Machine installed in atm machine)

Skimmed credit cards are the clone of actual cards!

A machine used by skimmer which is installed in atm machine .. when you swipe your card in Machine it reads your card info and save it in memory, that's it skimmer will later use those digits to fuck you up..

As a person how to avoid this..

((Well  now for ur own safety  if u r at ATM u can easily spot it just hold the box attached to atm Machine where u put ur card in try to pull it... If it gets detached then it's not news  otherwise it's safe to use))

(2) normal skimming
Manual work , You have the machine in your hand

All you need access to real cc even for a sec
Grab the card swipe it in ur machine and boom ur device will store the info of cc
And later on u can use empty card to print out these details and use for cashout! That was the process in simple language

Cashout is easy...
Use them in atm, stores , gas station
But as I always say cashing out through skimmed cards is risky,
You might even end up behind the bar

Let me tell you quickly

In atm skimming

A camera installed just above the machine to record the atm pin of yours
And numbers of your cc already stored in device
 Conclusion: you're fucked!

Manual skimming
Only  numbers are stored

If person is unknown  He can only use your card online  Where no atm pin is needed
Only use of , cuz he don't have your atm pin he can't use it at atm ...

Conclusion : you're still fucked if he is genius one

Just for more knowledge

This is the device which saves your card's numbers And this is the place where a camera is installed to record your atm pin

(Simply type pin by covering  up with other hand)

Moving on to spammed credit cards

2. Spammed credit cards??

Have you ever received mails like " there's something wrong with ur bank / your credit card"
Or " You've won a jackpot of $100000""

 Then u click on link and it redirect u on page where it asks for ur card info and address and few more which will make you get a brand new I phone!!!

 ( and most of people fall for that.. who wouldn't?? They don't know what is going behind this thing)

And when u put all your confidential information there and submit that  info goes to spammer!. Not to fucking bank!  You've been tricked.. now that spammer can do pretty much anything to fuck up ur bank balance..

This process of stealing info of cc this way called Spamming

People who performs this  known as Spammers And there are some cc selling sites such as Unicc, feshop  , jstash, yalelodge  They visit these sites and buy spammed cc
And use those info to card!! And buy anything online.

So be safe.

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