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When  buying check the base first , Don't buy  Mix sniff or old base  But USA sniff or .CA US sniff
Or A.U US SNIFF. Base  Also don't buy from more than 3-5days Bases Add your cc to cart
And you will see the full name  And city state and zip

Go to
To search using these
And always buy age from 35 0r 40 going  Always check his or her job  To to charge your cc

I am.done

i had used valid-cc, xatas, unicc, bankomat and fe

but i left all including validcc

the only cc shop im using currently is fe

some of you still considering it a crappy shop

but i recommend give it a try again

i assure it will not disappoint as long as you knows perfect way to make right use of it

most of you kept on asking which cc shop i use

so hope you got the Answer

Another Imp Q how to identify which cc seems good and which not, i had so long experience with fe so i can point some to you

from the beginning i experienced "No-Refund Base" cards worked 90% for me, just think why its non refundable, how cc shop filters ccs in check time & no refund base ccs

Its really interesting Q

all cards comes from hacked database and others sources so cc shops ook on them and then filters all into diff categorizes

some comes with check time & some don't

2020,2021 expiry is most perfect when you buying cc try to get this expiry date cards

longer the expiry, harder the authorization chances

One more thing in any case you buy cc with check time, try not to check it immediately with fe checker

same for unicc boys'

one more imp thing for some of you who dont know

if fe base updates on 2 Dec, cards always added around 10k-50k usually, and all current day base cards costs 9$ apart from any bin. but it goes for 5$ on next day early morning or even more earlier


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